Hey guys! I’m Matthew, the creator of FreezingWolves and the FrostBorne Pack Comic! What I’m trying to create is a universe and community where we create and change what happens throughout. Now the comic is not all that I do but it’s definitely a great deal of it and it’s what my main focus is on.

I don’t know why I’m here honestly…

So we are creating a story to tell about our community and friends in this idea. It’s literally what we make of it and can change and adapt to what we see and feel at the time. Think of it as sims, AoE, Civilization in the way that what we do, build create and decide all add and make changes to the world of this story.

The way this works is off a few factors split in roles:

-Heroes (Main characters; Mainly friends)
-These decisions and actions cause immediate changes and reflects in the story. Ex. Hero slays a beast, finds a new resource, makes a passive or aggressive decision.
-Council (Members chosen to be part of the group to make main/secondary decisions when heroes are away)
-These can be to explore the land, recruit new members to the community (blacksmiths, hunters, guards), creating trades/treaties with other communities (These are pregenerated messages like in dnd to responses, can grow into actual main parts if conflict or agreements are made), and other decisions that might need immediate decisions.
-Community Effect (From growth, exploration, resources and ideas)
-This will be things we might do as polls, random traps through exploration, enviromental changes and raids.

This is all us trying to build something unique and ever changing. Of course just like AoE and Civilization we won’t have many resources and will have to grow.

During the beginning of Phase 1 (this is the first phase of the project) we will be focused on reuniting the heroes and slowly growing the community and their home. During this time exploration will happen, maybe 1 or 2 random events and then a massive change to test and see how the change will affect the community, the stream and other aspects we haven’t thought of.

Now to make this all work takes a lot of work and finances. Sure the way I have it I can survive and somehow keep it going but help never hurts. Know that any donations, funding or help provided is never expected but greatly appreciated. I do this for my own hobby and interests so I don’t expect anything.

Here are the links used if you would like to help and see what this community creates!

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